A British author is reportedly struggling to find a publisher for his 20,000 word erotic novel on the UK’s June 2016 Brexit referendum. John Burrows, from Essex, has previously published a number of books about the history of Britain’s railway network. However he claims he was motivated by June’s Brexit vote, and his lack of a girlfriend, to ‘try my hand at something very different – an erotic novel’. 
However Mr Burrow has yet to find a publisher for what he describes at his ‘sizzling 20,000 word masterpiece’. He told The Spark that his book covers the whole story, from Cameron’s announcement in 2013 that he supported holding a referendum on EU membership to the campaign itself and its aftermath. In particular he suggested that the book could be used as an educational aid in schools, in order to make ‘politics more interesting and to illustrate the level of passion which the referendum generated’. 
However the major publishers we spoke to were damning about the work. One stated that it made him ‘feel physically sick’, whilst another added that it would only be of interest to those with ‘unorthodox sexual interests such as the current President of the United States’. 
Mr Burrows was keen to emphasis to us that he hasn’t been put off by his failure to find a publisher, and is currently working on another erotic novel on the UK’s 2011 referendum on the AV voting system. 
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