A man from Essex has left a showing of the trainspotting movie sequel half-way through the movie, as he was furious that the film seemed to have relatively little to do with trains. 
David Preston, a postman and keen train enthusiast from Braintree, told a local reporter that he was ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the lack of train related content in the film. He added that ‘considering the title I think this is extremely misleading’, and said he would be taking legal advice if his local cinema didn’t reimburse him for his ticket and the two packets of Doritos and large coke which he also brought. 
When contacted by The Spark for additional details Mr Preston explained that he had been ‘looking forward to the film for months’, expecting ‘a detailed story about diesel or electric locomotives – perhaps with the odd reference to HS2’. Instead he found himself watching ‘a pretty disgusting film about a bunch of Scottish chancers’ with ‘essentially no train related content’. Mr Preston added that ‘at one point I was pretty sure I did see a train’, but that he ‘later realised I was just hallucinating’. 
Mr Preston noted that the disappointment of the sequel only adds to his irritation with the original Trainspotting film. This also had ‘basically nothing to do with trains’, an assertion Mr Preston was confident about as ‘I’ve watched it at least six times to make sure’. 
When approached for comment Film4, one of the companies involved in producing the movie, apologised for any confusion regarding the films content. They also assured us that the third trainspotting film, T3 Trainspotting With Extra Bloody Trains, which is currently being filmed would include some genuine footage of rail locomotives. 
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