The new Gillette fusion razer, which promises ‘our closest shave yet’, has been revealed to be a potato peeler. Journalists covering the product's New York launch were surprised when copies of the new razer were passed around the room, and it became clear that it was actually a kitchen peeler with Gillete branding. 
Gillette Chief Executive Andy Slasher admitted that the design ‘is somewhat different to previous Gillette products’. However he emphasised that after ‘extensive scientific analysis’ this design was found to be the best at giving the ‘closest possible shave’. He explained that whereas with previous Gillette razers the customer needed to shave every day, after using the new product ‘you can go for weeks or even months without any hair becoming visible’. 
Customer reaction to the new product has been mixed. Garry Southern from Doncaster, UK, admitted that the razer had given him ‘the closest shave I have ever experienced’. But he also described the experience as ‘bloody painful’ and advised users to be ‘within walking distance of your local A&E department’ before using the product. However Baltimore based Hannibal Lecter told us that he is ‘delighted’ with the product, which ‘not only gives a good shave but is very useful for my hobby’. 
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