A new study by biologists at Oxford University has concluded that, rather than being their own species, babies are in fact very young human beings. 
Roger Stoker, a 57 year old train spotter from Swindon, has admitted that he’s having difficulty ‘satisfying the appetites’ of all his female admirers. 
A man from Essex has left a showing of the trainspotting movie sequel half-way through the movie, as he was furious that the film seemed to have relatively little to do with trains. 
Having decided to feed the birds in your garden you need to make a series of decisions. These primarily depend on your budget, and what sort of birds you’re hoping to attract. 
The new Gillette fusion razer, which promises ‘our closest shave yet’, has been revealed to be a potato peeler. Journalists covering the product's New York launch were surprised when copies of the new razer were passed around the room, and it became clear that it was actually a kitchen peeler with Gillete branding. 
A British author is reportedly struggling to find a publisher for his 20,000 word erotic novel on the UK’s June 2016 Brexit referendum. John Burrows, from Essex, has previously published a number of books about the history of Britain’s railway network. However he claims he was motivated by June’s Brexit vote, and his lack of a girlfriend, to ‘try my hand at something very different – an erotic novel’.