Author: @JBickertonUK 
The Daily Express newspaper has formally apologised to readers after ‘inadvertently’ publishing a story which turned out to be factually correct. Today’s edition of the paper included a piece which correctly claimed that unemployment in the Eurozone has dropped to an eight year low, trigging a flood of complaints from Daily Express readers. 
In a statement released this afternoon Daily Express editor Hugh Whittow apologised ‘without reservation’ for publishing a true story, adding that the journalist responsible has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. Whittow went on to acknowledge that Daily Express readers don’t read the paper because they actually want to know what’s happening in the world, and admitted that exposing Daily Express readers to actual news had caused ‘considerable hurt and distress’. 
The Spark has spoken to a number of Express readers, who noted their ‘anger and disappointment’ at being given a true story. Roy Armstrong, a pensioner living in Gloucestershire, told us that he reads the paper for its ‘alarmist health scares and inaccurate weather forecasts’, and was ‘disappointed’ to discover that today’s edition contained a plausible story. 
These sentiments were echoed by Jane Prudshaw, a council employee from Lincoln, who explained that she reads the Express ‘to confirm my fears about foreigners’, and was ‘gutted’ to read the report in today’s edition about foreigners doing well. 
The Press Complaints Commission has reportedly received over 600 complaints regarding today’s edition of the Daily Express, predominantly from readers complaining about the true story and the 'lower than usual level of xenophobia'.  
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