Author: @JBickertonUK 
Former Chancellor George Osborne has reportedly been struggling to buy shares in food banks on the London Stock Exchange. After being informed that the food bank sector has experienced ‘dramatic growth’ over the past few years, with a ‘significant increase’ in the number of branches, Osborne determined that this would be a sensible place to make an investment. 
However when Osborne looked up ‘food banks’ on the stock exchange he was unable to find any results, and he was similarly incapable of finding a firm with this name registered with Company House. As a result Osborne was forced to invest his £350,000 with a rival bank, American firm Morgan Stanley. 
Speaking exclusively to The Spark Osborne admitted that he was ‘disappointed’ not to be able to make an investment in food banks, especially as he’d been ‘reliably informed’ that his actions as Chancellor had played a ‘crucial role’ in the sectors expansion. 
However existing food bank users seemed pleased that Osborne has failed to make an investment, with one women in Kilburn commenting that ‘if he comes within 20 metres of my food bank I’ll bloody twat him’. 
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