The Spark understands that award winning actress Helen Mirren will be impersonating the Queen during Donald Trump’s forthcoming state visit to the UK. 
A senior Buckingham Palace source told us the decision has been made after the Queen refused to meet President Trump, claiming she found him ‘repulsive’. The Queen stated that ‘if he comes within 50 metres of me’ she would ‘set the corgis on him’, before adding ‘I’ve killed before – don’t think I won’t do so again’. 
In response the Government has reportedly persuaded Helen Mirren, who played Her Majesty in the 2006 movie ‘The Queen’, to reprise the role for President Trump’s visit. We understand Helen Mirren was initially reluctant to take the role, but was persuaded it was her patriotic duty to assist. However she has made it absolutely clear that if he tries to grab her ‘by the p***y’ the deals off. 
The Government were initially also planning to replace Prince Philip with an actor, and were purportedly hoping to hire Matt Smith, who played the role in the recent Netflix production ‘The Crown’. However Prince Philip is reportedly very keen to meet Trump personally, and is convinced that ‘we’re really going to get on’. 
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