The Labour Party today released a video of party leader Jeremy Corbyn repeatedly waterboarding a puppy, in what has been widely interpreted as an attempt to boost his popularity following a series of disastrous opinion polls. 
The video showed Corbyn tying down the young Golden Retriever, before repeatedly pouring water over its mouth to cheers from his assembled Shadow Cabinet colleagues. 
It’s widely assumed that Corbyn’s actions are an attempt to increase his popularity, by attracting the support of those who favour animal cruelty and/or really dislike dogs. Whilst this constituency is small in the UK, political observers have noted that it is significantly larger than Corbyn’s current base of support. 
Political observers are expecting Corbyn to follow on from waterboarding a puppy with other moves to increase his popularity. It has been speculated that this could lead to videos being released of the Labour leader sucker-punching a Chelsea pensioner, pulling rude faces at babies and setting fire to a bus stop. 
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