Author: @JBickertonUK 
International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has claimed that the UK will be at the ‘front of the queue’ for a free trade deal with Narnia after Brexit. Fox, a key supporter of the campaign for Britain to leave the EU, made the claims during a speech to Conservative Party activists in Bath. 
The Trade Secretary told the assembled activists that he had held ‘preliminary discussions’ with Narnia’s leader the White Witch, and that they had laid out the basis for a ‘mutually beneficial trade deal’. Fox admitted that at present Narnia accounts for ‘approximately 0%’ of Britain’s overseas trade, but insisted this is because all products have pass through ‘a very small wardrobe’. As such Fox explained that a ‘key component’ of the trade deal will be making the wardrobe ‘substantially bigger’. 
Fox also used his speech to respond to critics, who have condemned a potential UK-Narnia trade deal based on the White Witch’s ‘appalling human rights record’. The Trade Secretary described these reported abuses as ‘wildly exaggerated’, and added that the UK has just agreed to see 25 Tornado combat aircraft to the White Witch ‘in return for a verbal assurance that they won’t be used against civilians’. 
Political commentators have expressed hope that a Narnia trade deal could be the ‘first of many’ between the UK and fictional states, and have expressed confidence that it could be followed by agreements other fictional bodies such as Gondor, House Lannister and Canada. 
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