A man who finds the expression ‘strong and stable’ sexually arousing has admitted that he’s really started to miss the General Election. Alan Hardon, an IT expert from Sunderland, has an unusual medical condition which means he is only able to reach climax after he’s heard the phrase ‘strong and stable’. Usually he finds this to be a ‘severe impediment’, but over the last few weeks due to the election campaign it’s been ‘absolutely fantastic’. 
Alan admitted that it’s often hard to find partners ‘understanding enough’ to utter the phrase ‘strong and stable’ the requisite number of times. However for the duration of the election campaign this has stopped being a problem, as all he has to do is switch on the news and ‘somebody inevitably says it pretty quickly’. Admittedly that someone could well be Michael Gove, but as Alan explained ‘beggars can’t be choosers’. 
Alan added that for the sake of ‘my now quite swollen testicals’ he very much hopes the Government will call another General Election ‘as soon as possible’. At this point a passer-by shouted ‘strong and stable’ and Alan had to rush home to change his trousers. 
However the end of the election is better news for Betty Saunders, from Dagenham, as every time she hears the expression ‘coalition of chaos’ she shits herself. 
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