It’s been revealed that the Queen herself has signed the petition calling for Donald Trump’s invitation to come to the UK on a state visit to be withdrawn. 
Journalists spotted her name on the Parliamentary petitions site, but initially assumed it had been added as a joke. 
However when contacted Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen had personally signed the petition. They explained that the Queen is ‘keen to help the Government’ she draws the line at ‘entertaining complete prats’. The Palace added that the Queen ‘already has to put up with one elderly bigot’ and has ‘no intention of spending time with another’. 
Speaking off the record a senior Palace official told us that the Queen is ‘distraught’ at being asked to host Trump. He explained that ‘she wants to serve her country, but there is a limit’ and added that she didn’t think a Trump visit would be ‘fair on the corgis’. He also confirmed rumours that privately the Queen has taken to calling President Trump ‘Wanker McWankerFace’. 
When asked to comment on the Queen’s objections the White House released a statement describing her as ‘totally overrated’ and ‘a two at best’. 
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