Author: @JBickertonUK 
Remain supporters have urged Theresa May to use ‘really faint pencil’ when writing the letter to the European Commission which triggers Article 50, in the hope that ‘they won’t be able to read it’. This follows the announcement that May intends to trigger Article 50, beginning the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, on 29 March. 
A coalition of Remain campaigners, led by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, responded to May’s announcement with the suggestion to use faint pencil, in a last ditched attempt to stop Brexit. Farron told journalists at a Central London press conference that it is ‘absolutely essential’ that May writes the letter in ‘the faintest possible pencil’. He added that if May doesn’t want to use pencil she could write the message ‘in lemon juice instead’, or alternatively shout the message at Brussels from Kent and ‘assume they will hear’. 
Other Remainers have provided May with alternative suggestions. Most prominently former Prime Minister Tony Blair has urged May to convey the message via a ‘seriously ill and physically deformed carrier pigeon’, which should be released ‘in prime Peregrine Falcon habitat’. 
Unsurprisingly Leave campaigners have assertively rejected these suggestions. Speaking exclusively to The Spark former UKIP leader Nigel Farage insisted that unless May writes the Article 50 message ‘in her own blood’ she will be remembered as ‘an establishment stooge’ and ‘the greatest traitor since Judas Iscariot’. 
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