British intelligence agency MI6 has announced that it has suspended James Bond, one of its top operatives, following accusations of sexual harassment from a number of agency employees. The news was released via a statement which MI6 published in the most recent edition of nautical magazine Yachts and Yachting
The statement explained that MI6 has recently received a number of ‘formal complaints’ relating to Bond’s conduct, and has decided to ‘suspend him from all duties’ whilst the accusations are investigated. The agency admitted that this makes a terrorist attack in Italy, where Bond had been on the verge of taking down a terror cell, ‘highly likely’ but claimed they had been left with no alternative. 
One of those making the accusations told us, anonymously using the pseudonym ‘Moneypenny’, that she had been subject to a ‘sustained and prolonged’ campaign of harassment from Bond. She claimed that he had targeted her with a number of ‘sexually explicit comments’ which left her feeling ‘anxious and humiliated’. Moneypenny added that despite having a ‘keen interest in contemporary art and philosophy’ and being ‘fluent in four languages’ Bond only seems to be interested ‘in my more physical attributes’. 
Another MI6 employee, a male staff member who goes by the code name ‘Q’ and is believed to work in the agencies technology department, told us that he had been the target of a similar campaign of harassment. Q claimed that Bond kept 'slapping me on the arse' and calling him 'my love', which made him feel 'distinctly uncomfortable'.  
Bond already faces a separate, though related, investigation over the alleged misuse of MI6 property. It’s been claimed that he took several surveillance cameras from an MI6 store, asserting he was going to use them to target a Russian agent, but that several weeks later they were all discovered in various locations around Moneypenny’s house. 
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