Author: @JBickertonUK 
It’s been revealed that the UK has infiltrated Spain with thousands of ‘sleeper cells’, which will be activated in the event of an Anglo-Spanish war. The revelation, made to The Spark by top British security sources, follows a warning from former Tory leader Michael Howard that if necessary Britain would go to war to protect the sovereignty of Gibraltar. 
The sources revealed that over the ‘past 40 years’ successive British Government have infiltrated Spain with sleeper cells, totalling several hundred thousand agents, ready to be activated at a moment’s notice. These British agents, who can be found all over Spain with particular concentrations on the Costa del Sol, have ‘blended seamlessly into Spanish society’ so that no one suspects their true loyalty. 
Our sources explained that the British had ‘become fluent in Spanish’ and ‘adopted Spanish culture’ to the extent that it’s ‘almost impossible to tell who in Spain is native and who is British’. He added that the British in Spain are some of the ‘strongest, youngest and healthiest’ that ‘our country has to offer’, making them particularly hard for the Spanish authorities to control. 
This information was confirmed by a senior figure within the Spanish Interior Ministry who told us, speaking anonymously, that the Spanish Government is ‘increasingly concerned’ about the presence of ‘well disguised Brits’ in the country. He explained that the ‘problem with the British’ is that they ‘integrate so well in Spain’, often becoming leading figures within local communities, that it’s ‘hard to tell them apart from locals’. 
Andy Parker, part of a British sleeper cell based in Magaluf, also confirmed the story. Speaking to our reporter outside The Queen Vic pub at 10am, whilst eating a full English breakfast and drinking a Fosters, he noted that the passing Spanish ‘would never suspect that’s I’m actually a Brit’. Andy added that he was ready to strike against the Spanish state ‘at a moment’s notice’, most probably ‘by clogging up a hospital bed after a hard night out’. 
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