Leaked emails have revealed that Donald Trump’s team are already planning for his third term as President. 
Leaked emails have revealed that Donald Trump’s team are already planning for his third term as President. The emails, between White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, show that those around Trump are already preparing a detailed policy program for 2024-28 despite the current two term Presidential limit. 
In the emails Bannon started by expressing confidence that Trump would win the 2024 Presidential election ‘with unprecedented ease’, noting that by this point ‘the Democratic Party will be a proscribed terrorist organisation’ so he’s unlikely to face serious opposition. This, combined with ‘regular use of enhanced interrogation techniques’, led Bannon to conclude that Trump should be ‘re-elected with at least 98% of the popular vote’. He will then receive the largest Presidential inauguration in American history, with millions of Americans attending ‘if they care about their family’s wellbeing’. 
Bannon went on to explain that he is planning a particularly radical program for the 2024-8 Government, noting that Congress was unlikely to present an obstacle ‘as it will no longer exist’. In particular he is planning a new series of measures targeting ‘radical Islamic terrorism’, including banning Arabic numerals and making it a criminal offense to deny the Bowling Green massacre. These measures will be carried out with the ‘full support’ of state media organisations such as Breitbart and Infowars. 
Bannon went on to note that he was looking forward to Hillary Clinton’s 2026 report on the Guantanimo Bay prison complex, noting that by this point ‘to make the report as accurate as possible’ Clinton would have been locked in the complex for six years. 
In his replies Flynn said he was ‘delighted’ that Bannon had carried out so much pre-planning. He went on to add a suggestion of his own, specifically that the border wall with Mexico should be made ‘at least 15 feet higher by 2026’ to ‘stop Americans escaping’. He added that by this point the partition of Poland between America and Putin’s Russia would be ‘complete’. 
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