Friends of America, who used to be one of the most popular and nicest kids at school, are convinced that she’s somehow changed over the past week. 
Canada, another student at the school, explained that ‘she used to be so kind and friendly’ but that over the last week ‘she seems to have changed’ becoming ‘very arrogant and aggressive’. Canada added that America has also become ‘quite prejudice’. She noted that America has banned a number of brown students, including Iran, Syria and Yemen, from entering her house under any circumstances. She has also fallen out badly with Mexico, who she claims owes her money for construction works. 
Other students also noted changes in America’s behaviour. France and Germany claim America no longer even pretends to care about the environment. Germany told us that ‘America always did create quite a mess’ but that ‘she did at least look sorry’. However in the past week this remorse has gone, with America ‘throwing trash out the window without a care in the world’. 
The students had two main theories to explain the changes in America’s behaviour. Some thought it was down to her new boyfriend, Russia, who has a reputation for being aggressive. Sweden told us that Russia ‘is being really controlling’ and is even ‘reading all of America’s emails’. Others put it down to America losing her job at Walmart, which she is convinced is China’s fault. 
Great Britain, America’s father, admitted that he was becoming increasingly concerned about her behaviour, and admitted that ‘I’m starting to worry about whether I brought her up properly’. He added that he remains ‘hopeful’ that the ‘old America which we know and love’ will at some point return. 
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