The controversy over the attendance at Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration has intensified after fresh images appear to show that it wasn’t attended by a single person. The past few days has seen an ongoing row between the President, who claims around 1.5 million people attended his inauguration, and objective reality, which shows that they didn’t. 
However The Spark can exclusively reveal that we’ve seen fresh images which suggest that the inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. wasn’t attended by anyone at all other than Trump himself. It seems that previous photographs, which appeared to show a small number of people in attendance, were either faked after the event or shot at an angle which gave the misleading impression that people had turned out. 
Our information suggests that senior dignitaries, including Chief Justice John Roberts and even Vice President Mick Pence, chose to be represented at the ceremony by holograms rather than attending in person. A source involved in organising the inauguration admitted that this was because nobody was prepared to be ‘within groping range’ of Donald Trump. 
At The Spark we decided it was our journalistic duty to publish this story, especially as its being ignored by mainstream media publications such as Breitbart, Infowars and The Drudge Report. 
We did approach the White House for comment on this story, but unfortunately they were unable to get a statement translated from the original Russian to English by our publication deadline. 
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