President Trump has announced that the state of Alaska will be returned to Russian control ‘in the near future’. 
The decision was made public at a White House press conference on Friday afternoon. At the conference Trump stated that he is ‘delighted to announce that Alaska is going back to Russia’ in an act which will ‘strengthen the friendship between our two great countries’. America purchased Alaska from Russia in the 1867 Alaska Purchase. 
The decision has already provoked controversy, with some claiming that it shows an uncomfortable level of Russian influence over President Trump. This follows accusations that the Russian secret service intervened in the Presidential election to assist Trump, and that they have blackmail material which could be used against Trump including videos of him reading a history book and trying to paint with watercolours in a Moscow hotel. 
However Trump was keen to reassure his audience that the people of Alaska will be ‘so safe and so happy’ in ‘President Putin’s warm embrace’. He emphasised that he had taken the decision ‘for the good of the Alaskan people’ and not ‘due to any embarrassing videos of my which the Russians definitely don’t have’. In addition Trump claimed that Alaska could benefit from elements of Russian culture, such as ‘more vodka’ and ‘those amazing wooden dolls inside other wooden dolls – so great’. 
When approached for comment the Russian Foreign Office said they are ‘very much looking forward’ to taking control of Alaska and are planning a ‘particularly special surprise’ for Alaskan journalists. 
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