Author: @JBickertonUK 
There was diplomatic embarrassment after President Trump spent most of the joint press conference he held with German Chancellor Angela Merkel praising the Berlin Wall. Whilst Merkel winced Trump told the assembled journalists that the Germans had built ‘such an amazing wall, so great’ which had been ‘completely effective’ in stopping illegal immigration from Eastern Germany into Western Germany. 
Trump noted that following the construction of the wall in 1961 had kept out millions of ‘bad hombres’, adding that during the period the wall was operation Germany ‘never had a significant problem’ with Mexican illegal immigrants. The American President added that he was particularly impressed that Germany had managed to ‘get the Soviets to pay for the wall’, before asking Merkel ‘how the hell you do that? The Mexicans won’t give me a Dime’. 
At this point Merkel started to explain that the Berlin Wall had been a ‘catastrophe’ for Germany, causing the country enormous hardship, though Trump wasn’t listening as he was too busy impersonating a fire engine. 
Merkel went on to raise a number of concerns about human rights in America, before noting that she was aware of rumours that the country was attempting to develop weapons of mass destruction. The German Chancellor stated that the Western world wouldn’t accept a ‘rogue state’ such as ‘Trump’s United States of America’ possessing nuclear or biological weapons, adding that Western nations such as Germany and Canada would impose sanctions unless Trump allows UN weapons inspectors to return. 
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