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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told journalists that he thinks it would be ‘a really terrific idea’ for the various European nations to combine their strength in a ‘pan-European trading bloc’. Johnson made the surprise comments during a Foreign Office press conference, when he was supposed to be making a statement about relations with Saudi Arabia. 
Johnson told the assembled journalists that ‘for too long the nations of Europe have been at each other’s throats’, before adding that ‘Europe’s hour has come’. He suggested that the countries of Europe should combine their economies to form ‘one single market’, through which goods and people could move freely, which would have a ‘magnificent competitive advantage’ when dealing with other countries. 
Johnson went on to note that to ensure ‘a level playing field’ some common rules would be required, and a central bureaucracy to administer them. To ensure democratic legitimacy he suggested the creation of a European Parliament, to be based in ‘some great historic European city like Brussels or Strasburg – or perhaps even both’. Johnson went on to suggest that ‘at some point’ it might even be possible to create a ‘common European currency’. He admitted that a lot of economists were opposed to this idea, but countered by noting that ‘as my great friend Michael Gove would say “people have had enough of experts”’. 
The Foreign Secretary finished the press conference by accusing those who oppose his proposal of engaging in ‘project fear’ and ‘talking Europe down’. He added that he would shortly be touring the country is an enormous red bus, emblazoned with a slogan claiming that a pan-European trading bloc would save a completely unrealistic amount of money would could instead be spent on the NHS. 
One journalist shouted after Boris that his proposal sounds 'an awful lot like the European Union', to which Boris replied 'what the bloody hell is that?' 
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