Author: @JBickertonUK 
The Government of Gibraltar has insisted that it must receive ‘full sovereignty’ over the Kingdom of Spain as part of any Brexit deal. The announcement was made by Gibraltar’s First Minister, Fabian Picardo, at a press conference on Monday morning. 
Fabian explained that the Brexit vote had ‘inevitably reopened the Spanish question’, adding that the vote had provided ‘a historic opportunity’ to reunite the peoples of Gibraltar and Spain ‘under Gibraltar’s control’. He added that he would seek to ‘veto’ any Brexit deal which doesn’t fulfil his conditions. 
Fabian’s intervention is just the latest in the long running dispute over Spanish sovereignty. Gibraltar has long claimed that Spain is an ‘integral part of our territory’ based on geographical proximity, despite the fact that the vast majority of Spanish people have no desire to become British. 
In response to Fabian’s comments the Spanish Foreign Office released a statement, insisting that the Spanish people ‘absolutely reject’ Gibraltar’s claim of sovereignty. The statement added that making a territorial claim based on ‘geographical proximity’, despite opposition from the territories inhabitants, is ‘inherently ridiculous’. Senior Spanish Government officials are reportedly incensed by the claim, which they argue is an attempt by the Government of Gibraltar to distract attention from ‘domestic political difficulties’ and possibly ‘acquire a better football team’. 
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