Abu-Salam al-Ghanam, an ISIS fighter from Raqqa in Syria, has complained that he is finding it ‘all but impossible’ to obtain life insurance. The 28 year old Syrian told The Spark that he has already been turned down by seven insurance companies in the Middle East, and is expecting to get rejected by an eighth at a meeting later this week. 
Abu-Salam explained that meetings with insurance companies ‘always start well’, with positive references to his good credit rating and financial prudence. However he added that ‘as soon as I tell them my profession they seem to lose interest’, which he described as ‘blatant discrimination’. 
After further discussions Abu-Salam admitted that his job, as a frontline ISIS fighter and potential suicide bomber in Syria can be ‘a little bit dangerous’, but argued that this doesn’t justify the repeated rejections. He added that the refusals are having a ‘negative impact on his emotional wellbeing’, and are starting to cause his family ‘a good deal of distress’. 
We contacted a number of Middle Eastern life insurance companies for comment. None were prepared to provide an official statement. However off the record several admitted that they try to avoid offering life insurance to ISIS fighters. They insisted that this was a purely commercial decision, based on the fact that ‘the average lifespan of a new ISIS fighter is around six days’. 
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