North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has criticised newly inaugurated President Donald Trump, describing the American leader as ‘weak and pathetically liberal’ during an interview on North Korean state TV. 
The North Korean leader noted that after ‘over a week in power’ Trump has ‘yet to execute a single dissident’, making him ‘basically a wimp’. He went on to ask ‘seriously why is Obama still alive’, before questioning whether Trump is ‘trying to win a flipping Nobel peace prize’. 
Kim Jong-un added that he found Trump’s ‘moderation’ particularly upsetting as he had admired much of his campaign rhetoric. In particular he liked the vow to ‘imprison his opponent’ and his support for violence against protestors. However since achieving power ‘he’s gone soft in the head’ and hasn’t ‘constructed even a single labour camp’. 
Kim Jong-un went on to assert that unless Trump ‘pulls his finger out’ there’s no way he will become his badminton doubles partner, as had previously been agreed. He added that ‘Trump needs to realise I’ve had other offers’ such as from Russian autocrat Vladamir Putin and Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe. 
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