Posts from February 2017

It’s been revealed that women remain underrepresented amongst the leadership of the Afghan terrorist group the Taliban. 
Senior figures within the Canadian Government have admitted that they are ‘deeply concerned’ about sharing a border with the latest Russian client state, the United States of America. 
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has responded to President Trump’s incorrect claim that a terrorist incident recently took place in his country by claiming that New York was ‘actually nuked last night’. 
The self-styled Islamic State, or ISIS, has admitted that it is having trouble obtaining membership of FIFA, the football world governing body. 
It’s been reported that Russian President Vladamir Putin is having ‘extreme difficulty’ convincing the world that he has a sensitive side. 
A team of leading North Korean scientists has discovered that the Earth orbits the Sun, rather than the other way around. 
It’s been revealed that American President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladamir Putin have agreed to partition Poland between their two countries. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly started worrying that he might actually be a bit of a dick. 
The Chinese Government has insisted to President Trump that any wall he builds on the Mexican border is going to be ‘totally shit compared to ours’. 
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has criticised newly inaugurated President Donald Trump, describing the American leader as ‘weak and pathetically liberal’ during an interview on North Korean state TV.