A group of British tourists in Rome claim they were left ‘distraught and disappointed’ after finding that the Roman Colosseum no longer hosts human gladiator fights. The group, from Wakefield in Yorkshire, told local journalists that they had travelled to Rome with the ‘express intent’ of seeing real gladiator fights, and were ‘devastated’ to discover that this is no longer possible. 
Martin Aldridge, a member of the group, told The Spark that he had booked the trip as an anniversary gift for his wife and was ‘deeply disappointed’ not to be able to see ‘men fight to the death for our amusement’. He explained that he had promised his wife that they would see ‘heads sliced off, limbs mutilated and intestines ripped out’. As a result they were disappointed when instead they were given ‘a really long bleeding history lesson’. Martin added that as a result both he and his wife had given the Colosseum a one-star rating on TripAdvisor. 
Martin’s thoughts were echoed by echoed by other members of the group. Janet McCarthy, a terminally ill pensioner, told us that she had booked the trip as a ‘last treat before I die’, and was ‘particularly looking forward’ to seeing men ripped apart by lions. As a result she found the experience ‘bitterly disappointing’. Janet added that she also though disabled access to the Colosseum was ‘poor’, stating that the Romans ‘really should have put more though into that’. 
The Italian tourist board has offered an apology for any disappointment caused, and has advised that in future any tourists who enjoy ‘brutal sadistic violence’ should travel to those parts of Southern Italy where the Mafia are still active. 
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