The world has reacted with anger to the surprise announcement by the Canadian Government that ‘orange faced people name Donald’ will no longer be permitted to enter Canada. Announcing the new measure Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that it will be ‘all encompassing’ including those fitting the criteria that possess ‘valid Canadian visas or other forms of permission to visit’. 
Trudeau went on to explain that the decision was taken after ‘very specific and highly secret intelligence’ suggested that someone fitting the given description could ‘threaten the security of Canada and the Western world more generally’. He admitted that the complete ban, which will initially last for 90 days, could be viewed as draconian but insisted it was needed to ensure national security. 
However other world leaders have reacted to horror to the Canadian Prime Minister’s announcement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the ban as ‘grossly disproportionate’ and a breach of Canada’s ‘moral obligations’. Meanwhile newly inaugurated American President Donald Trump commented more generally, tweeting that Canada is ‘so overrated’ and that ice hockey ‘totally sucks’. He also noted that the given description, orange faced people named Donald, could apply to ‘literally millions of people’. 
In airports across Canada orange faced people called Donald are currently being detained, and then returned to their point of origin. In response human rights groups and liberal organisations have lodged a legal challenge, whilst thousands of Canadians have been tweeting using the hashtag ‘#IAmAnOrangePersonNamedDonald’ in solidarity with those affected. 
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