Write for us 
We’re always keen to hear from new writers, regardless of whether you’re looking to publish a one-off article or become a regular contributor. If you’d like us to consider publishing your work please complete the form at the bottom of the page.  
Please note that The Spark is a non-profit making publication, so we can’t pay you for your work, but nor will we be making any money out of it (our aim is to cover our costs). We respond to all completed forms from prospective writers, and if we’re interested in your work we will invite you to submit pieces via email. At this stage you can submit as many or as few articles as you like, and writing for us comes without any commitments at all. If we publish any of your work you will of course be credited as the author. 
Writing guidelines 
We don’t have fixed rules for what we are prepared to publish. Basically if we like it, and it’s not libellous, we will publish it. However we do recommend you follow these general guidelines: 
• Article length should be no more than 1,200 words, and ideally around 600-800 words. 
• Articles should relate to UK or world politics – there are more appropriate places for very region specific pieces. 
• Write in plain English, avoiding an overtly academic style unless strictly necessary. 
• Avoid making unsubstantiated, potentially libellous, claims about individuals or groups. 
• Avoid aggressive criticism towards, or attacks on, individuals or groups not in the public eye (as a general rule attacking a Cabinet Minister is fine, but not your local Parish Councillor). 
• Make sure your facts are sourced and referenced. Ideally provide hyperlinks to the source for any quotes or statistics you use. 
• We’re not interested in pieces claiming the Government is responsible for 9/11 or is plotting to sterilise us through the water supply. Sorry. Try Infowars. Nor are we interested in pieces which attack individuals/groups based on who they are (race/gender/sexual orientation etr) rather than what they think. 
• Enjoy! Writing should be fun (or at least not a chore).